6 Tips To Maximize A Small Kitchen

Not everyone is able to have (or maybe wants) a large kitchen.  For singles, couples and smaller families, a large kitchen may be secondary to a larger family area or multi use room.   If you do have a kitchen that is a bit smaller than most, with a few tips you can “trick” yourself and others into making the area feel more spacious and increase the function as well.   Here are six ideas to consider…

  1. A mirrored backsplash gives the illusion of more space and opens up the area.
  2. Go to the ceiling with cabinets and add space.   Stacked cabinets create the illusion of space and add more function in a small space.  Worried about reaching items?  With a foot stool and a few steps …problem solved. 
  3. If you have an eat-in kitchen, use chairs without arms or stools for seating.  This adds some flexibility and space when such items are tight. 
  4. Use baskets and trays to organize collections, materials in the kitchen. Light wood trays, baskets and chargers (as well as light walls)  make tight areas feel more spacious.  
  5. Keep colors, patterns and materials consistent.  It will keep the eye from “stuttering” in a small space.  When you mix a wide variety of colors and items, it can make a space feel more confined.
  6. Utilizing open shelving and cabinets can create the feeling of more space.   When you can’t spread out, consider spreading up!