6 Quick Ways To Fix Up Your Bathroom

Clean Out Your Drains

The cleaning process runs in several stages: first you’ll need a wire hanger to pull out hair or debris. Then pour ¾ of a cup of baking soda into the drain and half a cup of white vinegar right afterwards (they produce a chemical reaction that breaks down residue.)

Paint Your Baseboards

The key to painting this woodwork is to ensure that protective tape is accurately masking any adjacent areas. Another tip to keep in mind is preparing the paint in a separate room ahead of time as to avoid spills

Fix A Dislodged Tile

To reinstall these wobbly pieces, purchase any appropriate adhesive (as recommended by a reliable tile provider) and fill the missing space. Then press the tile firmly and let it dry for a few hours.

Install A Towel Rack

Most towel racks come with templates, so use them to mark where you want it to be installed. Once you’ve measured and made sure you marks are level, drill the mount to the points.  

Replace Your Shower Heads

First, you’ll want to remove the existing shower head using pliers. Before you attach the new shower head onto the spicket, make sure to wrap the threads of this piece with Teflon tape (to avoid leaks). 

Change Your Light Fixtures

Nothing makes a bathroom look more dated than an old fixture, and swapping it out for a new model is usually quite easy. Make sure to turn off the circuit breaker before unscrewing and exposing any wiring. Then note which wires are twisted together and replicate this configuration with the new addition. Lastly, screw your new hardware into the ceiling.  

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