Keyless Locks & Smart Phone Apps

We have been getting lots of requests for "smart home" ad ons over the past year.   One of the main ones has been keyless locks.  Keyless locks have gotten much smarter, and even simpler. A free app or a small FOB allow you to unlock your door without digging in your bag for loose keys. Plus, it's easy to let a repair person or the cat sitter in when you're not home. 

Install this quickly and easily, on the inside of your door, right over the existing deadbolt. Log in once, and your door will now unlock itself when you approach, then lock itself behind you. Grant or remove others' access, remotely lock and unlock it yourself, and get notifications when someone else uses the lock or even just knocks on the door. It works with any mobile phone -- if your smartphone doesn't support the Lockitron app, control it via website or text. Your existing key still works, too. Cost is are around $180

SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt
Unlock your door with the touch of a button on a wee remote with a 50-foot range. It comes with two remotes and two regular keys, and there's a backlit keypad, too. It can remember up to 16 changeable codes. It's battery-powered, requiring no wires, and only needs Wi-Fi for set-up. (The SimpliciKey Connect, available this summer and currently available for preorder, will add cool Wi-Fi-enabled remote-access features for a $15 yearly fee.) About $200

Keypad Deadbolt by Schlage
This straightforward standard-lock replacement comes preprogrammed with two codes you can use right away. (This is Schlage's most basic unit -- gain lots of cool remote access and programming capabilities with the newer Touchscreen Deadbolt, which requires both home Wi-Fi and subscription to select security and automation systems.) About $130

Kevo Smartphone - or Fob-Operated Lock by Kwikset
Load an eKey onto your smartphone, and simply touch this lock with your finger and it opens. (You need only have your smartphone on you somewhere, not out.) Also assign unlimited (and free!) guest eKeys, which disable after 24-hours or can be deleted at any time. It comes with two regular keys and one key fob, which works in place of a smartphone. (Purchase more separately.) Kevo's currently only compatible with newer models of the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch for now. About $220